We believe brands should be complete, immersive experiences, developed from the roots of design outward, that engage and inspire. 

Design Made is a design consultancy with an expertise in consumer experience design. We create, design, develop, and manage the relationship of organizations and their consumers. We partner with executives to align or redefine the engagement between their organization and the people who consume their products and services.


Strategy & Pre-Design Brand Creation/ Brand Strategy/ Positioning/ Customer Experience Audit/ Customer Experience Strategy/ Service Choreography & Design/ Service Blueprints/ Project Management/ Product Invention/ Strategic & Creative Workshops

Communication Campaign Concept & Design/ Messaging Platforms/ Communication Planning/ Art Direction/ Merchandising Strategy

Designing & Making Identity design/ Visual System Design/ Retail Design/ Retail Display Design/ Customer Experience Design/ Experience Prototyping/ Packaging Design/ Exhibition Design/ Information & Signage Systems/ Design Development & Implementation/ Prototyping & Roll-out Consultation/ Product Design


History of Firm

Design Made Inc. was founded in 2009, by Brock Danner AIA AIGA, and is currently based in New York City. Since it's founding the practice has approached their work with a focus on the operative conditions of each project; how the thing, communication, or experience accomplishes the intended objective. This is less a focus on function then one on situation, activity, and sequence. Using a traditional example, the kitchen has a function as a place for storing, cooking, and preparing food, but the activities that actually take place in a kitchen vary socially, regionally, and culturally, and it is never singular. The American kitchen has become the social center of the home where kids do their homework, parents manage their finances, and where guests are received for entertaining, as well as the activities varying during the course of a day. This requires an ethnographic approach, what they simply refer to as understanding, a process of listening, observing, and recording from an inside perspective of their client and an outside perspective of the client's customer.

As designers they balance the pursuit of timelessness and essentialism—the moment at which nothing should be added nor taken away—with the unique challenges and preferences of each client. They have a commitment to the simplicity of an idea, the beauty of the form, and the betterment of society through effective and affective design. Through this thinking the practice has established a unique approach and perspective on design and communication, and with each year has expanded the level of design acumen through self-funded initiatives and explorations in design, communication, and experience. 

Prior to founding Design Made, Brock began his career in architecture before applying his skills to broader practices that included broadcast design, exhibitions, retail, communications, shopper marketing, and brand management.  He has always worked with two key focuses: first on how content is translated into form, and second on how people experience content. These fundamentals underlie everything we see, touch, and buy everyday. Brock leverages his unique, broad experience in leading a team of intelligent creatives to offer a medium-agnostic approach to solving challenges for their clients.