>‘17is an initiative by the Design Made team highlighting the things we are paying close attention to in the new year based upon what we are working on, movements in the marketplace, and changes in how people behave, consume, communicate, and shop. 

At Design Made we have the unique opportunity to work across industries, disciplines, project types and regions of the globe, which means we are constantly being exposed to new things, and requiring us to be fluent in nearly everything. >17 is best described as a bite size trend report. In the following pages you will encounter interesting facts and finds, as well as highlights of brands and organizations. 

As this is the first issue of this report I feel it incumbent to comment on our ability to identify significant movements in the marketplace and confidence to report on them as worthy of note. I, nor is anyone at Design Made, a futurist nor would we ever attempt to act as one. We are however commonly engaged to make decisions today that will be relevant for quite some time. For example, all of our work in retail requires that we understand how we shop today, and have a sense of how we may be shopping tomorrow, which considering the radical influence of technology in our lives, means even the simple task of browsing and shopping requires insight into current and emerging technologies, social behaviors on a global scale and communication advances and trends. I often see what we do as problem solving, and in order to solve a problem you need to intensely study the current situation, identify the factors causing the challenge, and develop theses that inform solutions. Because our work is broad, in industry, region, and audience types, we have an expansive view of what’s going on in the world around us, and changes in the way we live.  At the end of last year, we gathered our team and discussed what was interesting and of note in 2016, and the things that we are paying attention to in 2017, that may effect or inform our everyday lives. We don’t expect them all to create massive change, some may only effect a small part of an industry, some may hit an early peak and fade away, and others may actually lead to significant change, but they all are worth watching. 

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